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Access to all
Workout plans

We have created already many workout plans to help you reach your specific objectives, with different training every day.

If you want to gain muscle, burn fat, or improve your health with a better flexibility or a better core (to get the six pack of your dreams) then we have what you need. 

Whether you prefer: Calisthenics, CrossFit, muscle building or HIIT, we have it all.


In app display

Every workout is displayed exercise per exercise in app.


Chose the next one and just follow on screen instructions.

12 years
of experience
by click 

Benefit from all my coaching experience. All the plans are based on the success of my clients during all these years.


Native app or Web version?

You can use it as a downloaded app or straight from your browser as a web page app.


Great for every devices.

Progressive  content

New challenges are created every month. Every plan is adapted to a specific type of people.


Professional team

Our team works hard everyday to help you achieve your goal in the shortest time possible.

Click on
the corner
to start tutorial

Every exercice present in app benefit from it's own tutorial video accessible anytime by one click. Only when you need advices on the exercises.


Theory videos

Every question you have about your practice is answered in theory videos in order for you to progress faster and avoid mistakes.

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