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All the yoga challenges
you can dream of

Already more than 5 yoga day by day challenges and a fast growing database.


Build in app

Every video is displayed inside the app in a day by day plan. 

Every video is accessible online or offline if you download it before.


A simple click on the offline button beside the lesson and the video will then be accessible without internet connection.


Various plans

We collaborate with great yoga teachers around the world to build specific challenges: hips flexibility, Malasana squat, The crow, Fit flow, Headstand, etc.

Pick the one you want to try and start following the lessons day by day.


A method open to everyone

It can be hard to start Yoga. Many notions and concepts are quite abstract such as energy, yin, chakras, soul, etc.

This is why we decided to stick to the pragmatic approach: Mobility, core, relaxation...

Our method is beginners friendly

The duration of sessions is included between 15 to 30 min. This way, there is no excuse for you not to introduce it in your daily life.


One plan = One goal


The specificity of each plan makes it efficient fast and straight forward. A blueprint to your success. 


Easy navigation
by objective 


Our offer: 

  • 30 days "Hips mobility challenge"  299€

  • 45 days "Headstand challenge" 399€

  • 10 days "yogi squat challenge"  99€

  • 10 Days "Fit flows challenge" 99

  • 15 Days "Crow pose challenge" 129€

  • 15 Days "Morning yoga challenge"129€

  • 5 Breathing techniques 59€

  • 2 Meditations 29€

  • App access on Android,
    iOS and Web

    Total Value: 1242€
    Our price: 99€


You want to improve your mobility, core, health, this method is what you need.
Don't wait anymore.
Start right now! 

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