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to improve
your mobility

Already more than 2  day by day challenges (30 days) and a fast growing database.

+ Stretching routines per muscle groups.


Meet your coach

My name is Aleksandra - your personal trainer for mobility and joints with 17 years of experience. 

I put special emphasis on developing a strong spine, flexibility and restoring the range of motion. 

Personal story: " I developed a bad scoliosis when i was still a child. I invested many years in learning from the best: yoga trainers, nutritionists, ... and managed to heal it. Now i invest my energy to help people succefully".


My message to the world is the following: "If i did it, so can you. Believe in yourself". 

Build in app

Every video is displayed inside the app in a day by day plan. 

Every video is accessible online or offline if you download it before.  A simple click on the offline button beside the lesson and the video will then be accessible without Internet connection.

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You always wanted to improve your squat? We've made it. The ultimate blueprint to success.


Aleksandra is a specialist in mobility and alignment training. Let her lead you through this daily 15 minutes of practice. You will love her energy.

30 Days Mobility for squat


The full leg split is a very impressive objective and very few people in the world can master it.

Don't be fooled, some of them can do it because they have hyper laxity from ligaments.

Don't worry it doesn't mean it's impossible. Our method is based on science, and definitely a blueprint to success.

Depending on your starting condition, you might have to repeat the 30 days in order to get there. But you will for sure reach your final goal.

30 Days Full split challenge

One plan
One goal


The specificity of each plan makes it efficient fast and straight forward. Follow the day by day plan and here you are. 


Bonus: Special routines of stretching by muscle groups. 

Our offer: 

  • 30 days "Mobility for squat"  299€

  • 30 days "Split challenge"  299€

  • 30 Days "ankles and wrists" 299

  • Stretching routines 129€

  • 15 days "Sit and fit challenge" 69€

  • App access on Android,
    iOS and Web

    Total Value: 1095

    Our price: 109€


You want to improve your mobility, core, health, this method is what you need.
Don't wait anymore!


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