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The ultimate
food database 

Already more than 400 recipes classified by categories and it's growing fast.

Adapted to any of your devices


Adapted to your device

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Build in app

Say goodbye to the bulky cooking books.All the recipes will be accessible straight on your phone / Ipad / computer at all time.


They are classified in more than 12 different categories.

Nutrition plans

We hired a renown nutritionist to elaborate specific diet plans:

  • 1 for omnivorous 

  • 1 for Vegans 

Both of them respect the most important concepts of a healthy diet.

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Pick a recipe, eat, get fit


We selected every recipe for their macro-nutrients  balance.

Therefore we indicate the macros (kcal, proteins, glucids, fats, carbs...) for each of them.

For their cooking time: easy, slow cook.

Those recipes are literally a blueprint to success.

A shopping list for
every recipe

We designed every recipe in a friendly 3 Pages layout:

  • Appetizing preview picture with macros and cooking time

  • Shopping list

  • Preparation instructions. 

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Easy navigation by categories

Our offer: 

  • 2 Meal plans  299€

  • 1 Nutrition guide  99€

  • Navigation by categories 

  • Already more than 400 balanced recipes 499€

  • App access on Android, iOS and Web


           Total Value: 897€

           Our price: 49€


You want to eat healthy and get fit, this method is what you need.
Don't wait anymore.
Start right now! 

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