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The ultimate cardio
training p

  • A Taylor-made plan of 120 unique workouts. 

  • Forget boring and  repetitive trainings!

  • Train at home without any equipment beside a mat.


Build in app

Not only your training plan will be taylor-made, but it will be displayed on our app. Day by day, interactive training.

Click on next when the exercises is done or just complete the timer when the exercise is on time.

Breaks and exercises durations included in real time as much as number of reps and sets.


We created dozens of theory videos to lead you through the plan and transform your body faster and more efficiently. 

Learn everything to burn fat and also to avoid injuries in order to reach your goals with less efforts, and of course to maintain your results on a long term.

Teaching the theory

Videos tutorials 

Every exercise benefits from a sample video and a tutorial video:

- What to do?

- How to do it properly?

- How to avoid mistakes?

Everything you need to know, to reach your goals. The sample video plays non-stop, the tutorial starts when you click in the screen corner.


Bonus: 22 WODS 

Not only you will benefit from "The Get Ripped plan" with 120 days of training (60 different workouts).


You will also have access to our 22 WODS especially designed by us for your  training".

Same interactive format.


Without equipment


More than a training plan - a blueprint to success.


This is the certitude of  success.

"I do invest my 12 years of experience as personal trainer for your transformation." 



Coach K

Our offer: 

  • 120 Days training plan 550€

  • Never twice the same workout

  • Theory videos to help you reach your goals faster 120€

  • Interactive exercises with tutorial videos 300€

  • App access on Android, Web  and Apple

  • Community support inside the app 100€

  • Tracking inside app to register your scores 120€


           Total Value: 1190€

           Our price: 69€


You have the motivation,
we have the experience.

Don't wait anymore. 

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