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30 DAYS to get
a strong and functional
six pack

A plan without any equipment

beside a mat. 

Say goodbye to complicated plans on Pdf or text format.

All of the plan is interactive with built in timers or buttons to go forward inside our fitness app.

You will enjoy the high quality videos showing you at all time how to perform the exercise properly.

Build in app


30 Days

Start with basics on first days and gradually improve to more complex exercises. 


Not only we work the abs but also every postural muscles.


This plan has been designed specially for people starting with sport and eager to improve their posture, strength and appearance.

Therefore it's important to start with fundamentals and build the strength leading gradually to more advance exercices. 

Bonus 1 


Bonus 2 
Get a better understanding


We realized some video lessons for you to understand better:

  • what is the core,

  • how does the core works,

  • how to get faster results,

  • how to protect your back,

  • how to adapt the difficulty,

  • and all the fundamental exercises tutorials.


Every exercise has a tutorial video accessible any time before or during the training.


Our offer: 

  • 30 days plan  299€

  • Exercises tutorial videos   199€

  • Educational videos lessons  99€

  • App access on Android,
    iOS and Web


           Total Value: 596€

           Our price: 59€

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You want to tone your belly and get rid of it's fat..., this method is what you need.
Don't wait anymore!


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